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Name: West End Cumberland Division
Scale: HO
Locale: West Virginia, Piedmont to Grafton
Era: Early 1950s with steam and early generation diesel

Layout Size: 22 x 30 feet double visible deck layout with a staging level below
Benchwork: L-Girder for Grafton Station and the staging yard below 
                   The rest of the layout is shelf mounted on floor to ceiling 2x4s
Subroadbed: 5/16" plywood
Roadbed: 1/2" pink insulation board
Scenery: 1" pink insulation board covered with Scuptamold®, more recently crumbled aluminum foil stabilized with a layer of expandable foam covered with a thin layer of Scuptamold®

Track: Code 83 Atlas
Minimum Curve Radius: 36"
Standard Radius: 48"
Turnouts: Code 83 Walthers/Shinohara, including double slips and 3-ways
Turnouts Sizes: 6 and 8
Turnout Control: Switchmaster motors with Switch-it controls
Mainline Length: 340 feet
Maximum Grade: 2.5%

Control: DCC, Digitrax Super Chief with radio control and one booster


Photos by Scott Dunlap


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